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NEC SX applications


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The NEC SX series of super computers started with the SX-2 with a peak performance of 1.3 Gflop/s. The current model the SX-9 has a peak performance of 102.4 Gflop/s per CPU, and if one can afford it it is possible to build a system with a peak performance of 1638 Gflop/s.

Open Source projects

In the SX-Linux colaboration project between NEC High Performance Computing and High Performance Computing Center Suttgart (HLRS) several applications were ported to the SX series.

The work to support a port of first the light weight kernek Kitten and then eventually Linux to the SX included among other things a port of gcc and binutils. The gcc and binutils port were completed (with restrictions) and are usable. The port of the OS was successful in parts but the project shifted focus to x86-64 platform in 2009.