2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungersize: printing size of style master
2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungertextsitemap: adding a sitemap just made out of txt
2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungertools: copy-link support and size calculations
2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungerlanguage: added full translation support
2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungersitemap: support for draft, levels and templates
2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungerimage: improving xmp support
2019-01-22 Fredrik Ungertable: adding link support in simple tables
2017-02-13 Fredinclude; table - better character support
2017-02-13 Fredsitemap/resource: adding minus in path, adding video
2015-03-31 Fredrik Ungerphotoalbum: rewote to use the image object
2015-03-31 Fredrik Ungertools: adding error and warning calls
2015-03-31 Fredrik Ungerdocbook: expand image objects per page
2015-03-31 Fredrik Ungerimage: improve image handling, caption, resize
2015-02-27 Fredrik Ungerxinclude: photoalbum caption and gallery
2015-02-27 Fredrik Ungersitemap: adding sizecalculation
2015-02-27 Fredrik Ungerpage: template added instead of style
2015-02-27 Fredrik Ungerpage: using lxml transform, simple docbook & image
2015-02-20 Fredrik Ungerpath: adding suport for a site in a subdir
2015-02-20 Fredrik Ungerpath: adding support for . in directoies
2015-02-20 Fredrik Ungerconst: adding xml namespace
2014-03-07 Fredrik Ungerstyle: switching to xhtml5 and sass
2014-03-07 Fredrik Ungerfilesystem: fixing utf-8 issues switching to jinja
2014-03-05 Fredrik Ungertrie: fixed xhtml generation
2013-12-17 Fredrik Ungerstyle: improve the simple template address style
2013-12-17 Fredrik Ungerxinclude: added pic and latests plugins
2013-12-17 Fredrik Ungerpage: added a warning for missing resources
2013-12-06 Fredrik UngerAdded subdir argument, cleaned up arg handling
2013-08-30 Fredrik Ungerpage: added ability to encrypt linktargets
2013-08-29 Fredrik Ungerstyle: adding a very simple style
2013-07-30 Fredrik Ungerxinclude: First attempt at a photoalbum
2013-07-30 Fredrik Ungermenues: Fixed non-ascii char in locale strings
2013-02-06 Fredrik UngerREADME: added a simple readme with disclaimer
2013-02-06 Fredrik Ungertools: fixed problem with local test
2013-01-25 Fredrik Ungersitemap: removing language menu namespace
2013-01-25 Fredrik Ungerxml: change from amara to lxml
2013-01-18 Fredrik added import re
2013-01-18 Fredrik changed update check of address string
2012-12-19 Fredrik Ungerreprepro: presents & generates a Debian repository
2012-12-19 Fredrik Ungeraddress: geocode language, objects for mapimages
2012-12-19 Fredrik Ungersitemap: comments, getcwd removed
2012-12-19 Fredrik Ungermain: changes to time, commments
2012-11-22 Fredrik UngerAdding table generation from simple textfile
2012-11-11 Fredrik UngerFailed lookup does not fail, just do not generate Coords.
2012-11-11 Fredrik UngerEnable geolocation of address, adding sorting.
2012-11-09 Fredrik UngerCreating objects, switching to lxml, made main callable
2012-11-09 Fredrik UngerContact as Person and Organization object, callable...
2012-11-09 Fredrik UngerObjectified Coord and Address methods, made it main...
2012-11-06 Fredrik UngerRenaming calendar to events due to naming collision...
2012-10-28 Fredrik UngerSwitching to ElementMaker from Element/SubElement
2012-10-28 Fredrik UngerAdding the lxml docbook namespaces.
2012-10-28 Fredrik UngerRefactoring const to constants, to provide for lxml...
2012-10-26 Fredrik UngerAdding an initial calendar implementation.
2012-10-26 Fredrik UngerAdding distance calculation to the Coord class
2012-10-26 Fredrik UngerAdding docbook namespaces again
2012-10-17 Fredrik UngerAdding classes Address and Coord, moving functions...
2012-10-17 Fredrik UngerRemoving StaticOpenStreetMap building real addresses
2012-09-24 Fredrik UngerRenaming addr to a more proper name, will be used to...
2012-06-04 Fredrik UngerAdding fonts directory to resources.
2012-06-04 Fredrik UngerDisplay xpointer details to simplify debugging.
2012-05-16 Fredrik UngerInitial code to build static images from addresses.
2012-05-16 Fredrik UngerFixing UTF-8 encoding for the foreign texts and characters.
2012-05-16 Fredrik UngerFixing whitespaces for the docbook address.
2012-05-16 Fredrik UngerSwitching to address based map generation. Divided...
2012-05-16 Fredrik UngerChanged time to be imported and made xinclude execute...
2012-04-06 Fredrik UngerAdding a opening hours parser, creates a table from...
2012-04-06 Fredrik UngerAdding initial xinclude for converting selected VCARD...
2012-04-06 Fredrik UngerRemoving debug printout.
2012-04-04 Fredrik UngerAdding initial plugin support for xincludes in documents
2012-04-02 Fredrik UngerFixing the def main function, properly calling it from...
2012-04-02 Fredrik UngerAdding initial bin/treecutter, and and package...
2012-04-02 Fredrik UngerRefactoring, using const, removing global variables...
2012-04-02 Fredrik UngerRefactoring, cleaining up imports, setting filemode
2012-04-02 Fredrik UngerRefactoring out every class into separate files. main...
2012-04-02 Fredrik UngerPreparing refactoring the single source into a python...
2012-03-08 Fredrik UngerInitial support for providing command line arguments...
2012-03-08 Fredrik UngerAdding omit_xml_declaration=True to amara call, but...
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerAdded missing ) to ssh_cmd call
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerAdding target directory and readability with ssh_cmd
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerAdding initial support for html forms.
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerChaning & to xml representation.
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerAdding docbook.xsl for tree-cutter processing
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerConverting the template to work with tree-cutter, adjus...
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerMoving css files to a subdirectory, renaming index...
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerChange execute permission on index.html and style.html
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerReindent css and convert from DOS format to unix format.
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerReindent html and convert from DOS format to unix format.
2012-02-06 Fredrik UngerAdded template from
2011-05-03 Fredrik UngerRemoved the initial version of after... v1.0
2011-05-03 Fredrik UngerUsing translated cheetah templates, allowing - in filen...
2011-05-03 Fredrik UngerAdding shutil for the copying.
2011-05-03 Fredrik UngerFixing sitemap generation, language menus and resource...
2011-04-14 Fredrik UngerAdding a css mark for the top menu.
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerFixing script execution path for current directory...
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerAdding initial language menu support. Adding method...
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerFixing missed namechange of variable.
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerAdded total timing to compare old for loop to Sitemap...
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerAdding method process and publish to mimic the old...
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerAdding method to write a sitemap.txt and writing it...
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerAdding gen_menu method also in Sitemap.
2011-04-10 Fredrik UngerImplementing generation of a menu, currently only the...